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Manual soft seal (ring) butterfly valve
Product introduction

Product standard: GB/T 12238-2008 "universal valve flange and clip on butterfly valve"

Nominal diameter: DN65-DN6000

Nominal pressure: PN 0.25MPa-2.5MPa

Working temperature: less than or equal to 80 DEG C

Connection form: flange

Drive mode: manual, electric, hydraulic

Main material: gray cast iron, nodular cast iron, cast steel, steel plate welding

Uses: used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, water conservancy and other fields. For the realization of the pipeline off and in the opening 40 degrees -90 degrees within the scope of adjustment equipment.

Structure characteristics:

1 D42X double eccentric seal butterfly valve is the foundation of our company: the introduction of Japan's Kubota technology, a butterfly valve is developed, the structure feature of the rubber sealing ring on the disc, by adjusting the pressure plate than the pressure seal with the switching torque is small, flexible and open and close seal and long life, two-way sealing characteristics zero leakage. The sealing ring can be replaced in the pipeline without removing the valve from the pipeline to reduce the maintenance cost and time of the user. The replacement of different rubber materials, can be applied to different media requirements, a wide range of applications.

2 double eccentric structure: soft sealing butterfly valve with double eccentric structure, one is the center of the valve shaft and the sealing ring plane eccentricity (figure a), the two is the center of the valve shaft and the center of the pipeline eccentricity (Figure B). Two eccentric butterfly valve sealing ring size can ensure the running orbit and cam similar, so as to ensure that the butterfly plate is closed tightly, has reliable sealing performance; at the same time can make the sealing butterfly valve opening quickly disengaged, only need to open the moment and wear a little smaller, because of the double eccentric butterfly valve has the switch is flexible, reliable sealing and long service life.

Outline and installation dimensions

Main dimensions, dimensions and dimensions


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